Thursday, August 20, 2015

Computer Desk

I am living with David at my mom's house until we can afford to move out. For the time being we want a computer desk, but we needed it to be REALLY cheap and something that fit into the space we needed. We decided to make our own.

This is the little nook we wanted to put the desk in:

We went to Home Depot and bought two 2" x 3" boards that are 8 ft long. The home depot guys cut them into 28" sections for us and these became the legs. We also bought a 2' x 4' strandboard and they cut it into a 24" x 29" piece for us. We screwed the legs to the strandboard using 2 screws for each leg. If you drill a small hole into the wood before screwing it in, then screwing is infinitely easier. That's it! It cost us about $10.

The strandboard. You can see two screws at each corner holding the legs in position.

2x3 boards. These are the extras that didn't get used.

The finished desk.

We used the extra wood to prop up the monitor.

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