Monday, September 7, 2015

Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop Cosplay Tutorial

For 2015 San Diego Comic-Con David went as Spike Spiegel from an Anime show called Cowboy Bebop.

This was a pretty easy/straightforward costume. I did it in one day.

We bought the yellow dress shirt and blue suit coat and slacks from a thrift store. We bought a half yard of lighter blue woven fabric from Joanns.

I started by removing one of the lapels and the collar off the jacket. I then turned in the exposed edges and  sewed the open edge closed. 

Spike's sigle lapel is quite large, so I cut the remaining lapel and spread it out to make it bigger.

I covered the lapel with light blue fabric, and hand sewed it down to the body of the coat so it would stay in place.

The light blue fabric only covers the outside of the lapel, and stops right at the crease.

I used 2 snaps for each strap on the jacket. The straps were hand sewn to the body of the jacket. They are just rectangles of fabric (kind of like a pillow minus the stuffing) with no reinforcement.

You can kind of see the chalk I used to mark on the coat the outline of the straps so I knew where the snaps should go.

I hemmed the coat jacket by cutting it to length, folding it over, and sewing. Very low quality.

The pants already fit him, so I was done!

I actually added some blue fabric to the rolled up cuffs of the jacket. I was sick of the project, so I just hot glued on the light blue fabric. Also, we sprayed David's hair with hair spray color dye.


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  2. Nice cosplay of spike.

  3. Thanks! My son needed a cosplay for Anime Expo - L.A. in a few days and this was just what he was looking for.

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