Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sybill Trelawney Cosplay Tutorial

Sometimes I just get  hankering to make a costume, and last week I had one of those. I chose to make a costume I've been wanting to make for a long time: Sybill Trelawney from Harry Potter. The finished look:

What Trelawney actually looks like:

The obvious first place to go for her cotume is a thrift store. And that's exactly where I went to get the goods. I finished the costume in about half an hour.

I started with her vest:

This over-the-shirt item for $4.

Cut in half so I can use it as a vest.

These beads dangle and make noise when I walk, which I love.

Next I made her headband:

I found this shirt for $4. It is stretchy.

I cut a strip of fabric and sewed it into a circle.


Thsi also came with the shirt. I didn't use it in the end.

Her skirt:
I'm a size 6-8, this skirt is size 12. It sits very low on my hips, perfect for the costume.

It had two straps around the waist that I sewed backwards.

All the jewelry I bought. Total: $6

A deathly hallows necklace I already owned.

The shirt:
I just picked something the right color that was long-ish sleeved. $5.

 Socks/shoes were Clark Desert boots and some winter socks that I already owned.

I purchased the glasses on Amazon (Nerd Spec Glasses) for $3.50

Now I just had to get my hair really curly and frizzy.

Total spent: $26 and it turned out fabulous! I can' wait to wear it!

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