Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Weekend of Embroidery

I have an embroidery hoop corner with all my embroidery/cross-stitch projects, but it was looking kind of sparse, so I spent a weekend adding to it.

I started with this camera hoop. The blogger who made the design doesn't seem to know too much about embroidery, and she used Aida fabric (the fabric with holes in it made for cross-stitch). I did what she did, just to stay consistent, but if I could re-do it again I'd just use regular fabric.

I zoom in on the picture on my computer, trace it lightly with pencil onto my fabric then go over the pencil with thread. Generally I use two strands of DMC floss when I'm using Aida fabric. In this case, I used three.

 I used a 5" hoop.

I just started this new thing where I glue the fabric to the inside of the hoop. This makes it so I can't re-use the hoop for other things, but it also makes it so the fabric will never slip out and get loose.

This airplane one was super duper easy. It probably took me 15 minutes total. This is three 4" hoops. For this I used three strands of DMC floss, but doubled it over so what you see is six strands. I wanted it very visible. This is usually what I do with embroidery on regular fabric. This is the link to the item that is now sold on Etsy where I got the design from.

This hoop with three dresses on it is an 8" hoop. I did all of this sewing with a sewing machine, rather than by hand. I bought small scraps of fabric from JoAnns, stuffed cut them out, started sewing them to the main fabric, stuffed them, then went around and sewed over my first line again. This is the item on Etsy I got my design from. It has been sold, now.

For my Harry Potter embroidery I used black Aida fabric because it was the only black fabric I had. This is a 4" hoop and I got the idea from here.

Now my embroidery corner looks a little more complete.

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