Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bob Ross Painting

A few weeks ago I watched a Bob Ross painting episode, and ever since I have been determined to paint one of his paintings. I searched around, and ended up finding a tutorial by a different guy that I liked the painting better. This is the video:

So I happened to have a 14"x18" white canvas at my house. I bought black gesso paint and put one coat on the canvas, waited an hour, then put another coat on. I let that dry for a few hours then started painting.

I bought the gesso, a pack of oil paints, and a few paint brushes from Michael's. This was my setup on my kitchen table. I also had my laptop with the video running right next to me so I could pause at my leisure.

In the video he makes his own brown using green and red, but I just used the brown given in my pack of oil paints.

In total it took me about an hour. Twice as long as it took the instructor in the video. An let me tell you, those rocks are really hard to make look good.

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