Sunday, November 23, 2014

Harry Potter Wand

To make my Harry Potter wand I went to Michael's and bought a dowel that I thought was a good thickness (3/8" maybe?). Since I have access to a machine shop I cut the dowel down to about 15" ( I should have made it shorter) and put it in the lathe. I sanded it while the lathe was spinning it until it made a rough point.

Balsa wood is really weak, so I doubt it would take very long to sand it down with a dremel.

The I took creative liberty and doused it with hot glue. I used a lot of glue on the handle, and a decent amount on the tip. I tried to make it look kind of like bark. I was replicating Harry's wand.

I used three shades of brown to paint it. Dark brown first, then a lighter coat of medium brown, then I just barely brushed over it with a tan color. I used all three shades on the entire thing, but I made the handle a lot darker.

Once I made this, my sister in law Emily requested that I make her one. She wanted the one that assigned to her when she took her test. 

I don't have a picture of it, but it looked a lot like wand "J" in this picture:

I used a special technique of putting hot glue on the handle and rotating it in my hand while adding more and more until I got a round little blob that was symmetrical all the way around. I used the same painting technique and it looked pretty good!

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