Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ramona Flowers Cosplay

Cosplay is seriously one of my favorite things. If I could choose any career in the world, I would pick costume/makeup stuff for fantasy movies. But for the Salt Lake Comic Con I made a Ramona Flowers costume (from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). For a lot of it I followed this video tutorial. I bought the dress from ebay (and then made it shorter and short sleeved), already owned the boots and tights, thrift store bought the belt, and bought/cut the wig.

 The wig before it was cut, after I made it wavy using hot water

I made the gloves by tracking those $1 knit gloves you can buy during the winter onto some turqoise fabric, and sewing them together. You can only do that if your fabric is stretchy.

The pink/white striped sleeves are just longer versions of these:

With a turquoise piece sewed on the end. They end at my armpits, they aren't a full shirt.

I used black embroidery floss to make the choker necklace.

The hammer took the most time. It is a broomstick with cardboard duct taped together and taped/glued to the broom stick. Note: acrylic paint does not stick to duct tape. Mine kept flaking off. You need to use a primer of some sort on top of the duct tape.

David was Scott Pilgrim, but his outfit was just purchased.

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  1. I am going to do this. The Fabric Exhange has so many kind of fabric to choice from.