Saturday, November 22, 2014

Star Wars TIE Fighter

This is a shout out to David. This is the first crafting he has ever done and I am so proud of him!

Crafting is in my bones, so I helped him make some technical decisions, but for the most part it was all him.

The body is a large styrofoam ball (20" I think?). We hollowed out the bottom with a serrated knife so it would sit on his head. We scraped out a hole through the center of the sphere so a 1" dowel would fit through. This was done with a long screw driver. We also did this with two styrofoam blocks that were trimmed down with a knife and turned into the rest of the body of the ship.

The dowel was run through all three styrofoam pieces and then they were all paper mache'd together and painted grey.

The wings were made from black poster board and painted grey. They were hot glued onto the ship, and smaller grey styrofoam pieces were hot glued to the end of them as end caps

The chin strap is two pieces of fabric that are tied around the dowel in the center (this was done before paper mache was applied).

The cabin was a picture found online and hot glued onto the ship, and then darker grey details were painted on and two small bolts were painted green and attached as the lasers.

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