Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sewing Part III

After my sewing classes (and during) I endeavored in a lot of personal projects.

First, three projects from long before I knew how to sew, and they are all awful once you get a closer look.

I only made the skirt

 Re-furbished thrift store find

Re-furbished thrift store find

Then I was starting to learn to sew when I made the Halloween costume I mentioned in an earlier post.

Once I was a proficient sewer I fell in love with this dress pattern and made two of them and bought a zipper for a third. I bought my fabric from because JoAnns just didn't do it for me this time.

(I love this Fabric!)

Next I made a really simple dress that is so cute for my sister's wedding.

The dress on the left

I had to semi-heavily alter the floral version of this dress.

Last but not least, my Halloween costumes from this year. The blue dress (Beauxbaton from Harry Potter) was SUPER heavily altered from a pattern I used previously. The green dress was just turned from a 2-piece into a 1-piece to save fabric and $$.

We thrift store and altered for David's outfit

The hat shaper I used (covered in saran wrap) to make my hat 
from felt, bought from

 Bought on ebay (black) and painted with acrylic paint mixed with 
fabric medium because acrylic alone flakes off. This picture was 
taken after a day of use.

 I also made the dress skirt/vest thing on the right.

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