Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Harry Potter Cross Stitch

I found the cutest little Harry potter cross stitch on Pinterest, and I was lucky enough to find the completed version and the digital version.

These are the colors I used and their DMC numbers:

Skin: 437
Wands/shoes: brown (on hand, no DMC number)
Dumbledore's clothes: 3835 and 3743
Bottom part of Dumbledore's hat, tassle, and Hermione's hair: 781
Dumbledore's beard: 762
Ron's hair: 720
Ron's shirt and Dobby's shirt: 414
Harry/Hermione's shirts an Voldemort's head and Hagrids belt buckle: 415
Snape's cape and Voldemorts clothes/ Harry, Ron, and Hermione's pants: 413
Snape's Shirt: 823
Hagrid's hair and Dobby's shoes: 938
Harry's scar, words "Harry Potter", and maroon color on gryffindor scarves: Marroon (on hand, no DMC number)
Lighning bolt and yellow color on gryffindor scarves: (on hand, no DMC number)

I used 3 strands of embroidery floss for everything, 2 strands for Harry's scar, and 1 strand for the outline of Harry's glasses

Here is the setup, the cross stitch on my lap, with the pinterest picture in front of me.

I started with the outline, then the skin, and whatever struck my fancy after that.

I thought I was done, but I forgot Harry's scar!

 Finished!! So cute. Now to buy a frame. 

The finished product is approximately 4" x 5". 

And here is all the scrap floss.

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