Friday, January 8, 2016

Age Makeup Tutorial

My first age makeup turned out pretty good!

I looked online how to do an age makeup, and just followed that.

I bought liquid latex from a Halloween store for pretty cheap (I don't remember, maybe $7?). TIP: Pour your liquid latex into a cup instead of using it straight from the bottle. Then if it takes a while to apply, your cup of liquid latex might dry up or get chunky, but the whole bottle is still good.

I used 1-2 tablespoons of this stuff for my face. Not very much is needed. You can apply it with a disposable paint brush, or I just used a few Q-tips.

1. Powder your face with baby powder using a blush brush (this helps the latex from hurting when you take it off). 2. Stretch out your skin as much as you can and apply a layer of liquid latex. Go section by section. I started with the area where my crows feet are. 
3. With the skin still stretched as wide as possible, use a blow drier to dry the liquid latex.
4. With the skin still stretched as wide as possible, brush on more baby powder (this stops the latex from sticking to itself when it wrinkles.
5. Let you skin go back to it's normal resting position.

This is how you get wrinkly skin. Some areas of your face are harder to stretch than others (like cheeks) but just do your best.

I did my face in 5-6 different sections so I could focus on really stretching my skin to get good wrinkles.

The part that really ages you, though, is the makeup. For the makeup I used my Nordstrom palette and brush set that I only use for SFX. And maybe to dress up for our anniversary or something.

Because the baby powder is on the latex, it will have a really hard time taking more powder, like blush or eye shadow. I tried to brush on a bunch of blush and eye shadow, but it wasn't making very much color. Except on one small spot where there was no liquid latex. That was on my cheek. I accidentally missed a small area, so when I put the blush and eye shadow on, it ended up looking like a really perfect age spot!

Apply brown/pink blush and eye shadow really splotchy all over your face.

I then took some brown lip gloss from my palette, and sparingly used that to add more color. Remember, be really splotchy and uneven with it.

Blush and eye shadow sticks MUCH better to the lip gloss on your face now than it did to the latex, so if you want to try putting on more blush and eye shadow for more color, do that. Just be careful, you don't want your face to get too dark brown.

I only did half my face (not sure why) and this was the result.

The "age spot" that resulted because I accidentally missed putting liquid latex here.

The latex makes your face pretty stiff feeling.

"You young whipper snappers get off my lawn!"

For my first age makeup ever, I thought it turned out really well! I posted this to reddit and they thought it looked good too. 

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