Friday, January 8, 2016

Halloween Scary Makeup Tutorial

For Halloween I wanted a scary/creep costume, and I decided to try to mimic this costume:

 I made an all black dress from a Steampunk Simplicity Pattern (#2207). 

I made no adjustments to the pattern, but I used black trim and black buttons. I wanted to just make a creepy costume, so I added a veil and creepy makeup. 

Before Halloween I decided to try out some makeup ideas that I stole from Pinterest. These are the two I tested:

The face paint I used was water-based Snazaroo in white. I used Green Marble sealer to seal the makeup at each layer I painted, and before painting. I paint it on my face by using a nylon paint brush 1/2"-1" wide (I got mine a Michael's), getting the paint brush wet, and swirling it in the cake of paint until enough paint is on the brush that I can put it on my face.

(I didn't use blue for this makeup)

For the makeup with red lips, I did 2 layers of white face paint. For the black makeup, I did one very thin layer. To tools I used were a Nordstroms makeup palette I got for Christmas years ago from my grandma (I barely wear any makeup, but it really comes in handy for SFX!).

I also used black liquid eyeliner and red lipstick.

For the red makeup:

I put liquid eyeliner around my eyes and around the outer edge of the lip makeup. I used black eyeshadow close to my eye, and red/maroon eye shadow further away from my eye. For the lips, I used the black liquid eyliner around the edge, like I mentioned, then put on bright red lipstick, and used black eye shadow to blend the black lip eyeliner into the red. I used the red lip gloss from my palette to make the red lines/smudges around the eyes and mouth that are supposed to look like blood. I have no fake blood, but the lip gloss worked pretty well. I applied the lip gloss with one of those miniature short little brushes that generally comes with a palette like the one I have and is made for applying lipgloss.

This was the result:

For the black makeup:

I used a LOT of black liquid eyeliner around my eye, and then black eye shadow around that. I used black liquid eyeliner to make the drippy lines coming from my eye. I tried to make them look somewhat like veins. I also used the thinnest brush I had in my brush set to put on some black eyeshadow on my forehead and lower cheek to look like light/medium gray-colored veins.

This is the result:

Light layer of face paint.

Black liquid eyeliner.

More black liquid eyeliner.

Black eyeshadow veins added.

Closeup of eyeshadow veins.

When I was experimenting with both makeups, this is what it looked like:

I didn't wear the black wig, but I wanted to see what it looked like.

I decided to go with the black makeup, hence the reason I have more pictures of it above.

I bought the veil fabric from and kept it attached by hand sewing on two of these hair clips in black to the veil, and then clipping it to my hair.

Hey look, I don't always make serious faces.

Scary pumpkin, too.

The making of said scary pumpkin:

 Yay for steak knives!

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